Gap Insurance FAQs Answered

Policy Details

What is the value of my car?
The value of your car is the price that you paid for it – as indicated on your invoice.
What is the difference between GAP and RTI?
GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) Insurance is when you receive the difference between the insurance pay-out to you and the cost of your finance settlement.

RTI (Return to Invoice) Insurance is the difference between the pay-out received and the price you paid for the original purchase price of the vehicle.

What is RVI?
RVI (Replacement Vehicle Insurance) covers the difference between the pay out to you from the insurer and the cost of a similar vehicle at the point you first purchased it. This is for when a new version of your vehicle is more expensive than when you first purchased it.
Can I take the car abroad?
The Territorial Limits of the policy are Great Britain, Northern Ireland and member countries of the European Community.
Can I add a personalised number plate?
As long as you inform us of the new number plate, you should be able to add a personalised number plate.
Can I pay monthly?

Unfortunately, we no longer cater to split payments. We take gap payments via a one off payment, which you can do through the portal on our website or by calling our call centre. 

Is there a cooling off period?
There is a cooling off period of 30 days.
How quickly will I receive the documents?
You should receive your documents within an hour. If you have not, check your spam folder. Sometimes policy documents get caught in spam email filters.


How do I claim?

If you wish to discuss or make a claim, please call our claims service on 0345 040 5975.

How soon can I claim?
You should inform us as soon as you have informed your main insurer. Do not accept any offers from your insurer before contacting us.
What info do I need to claim?
You need to have evidence of your insurance. You should also provide us with the documents from your finance agreement, if you have one. If there are any police reports, please provide these too.
Do you cover being hit by an uninsured driver?
As long as you have fully comprehensive insurance, it should not be an issue to claim on your GAP insurance if you are hit by an uninsured driver.
Do you cover vehicles being stolen?
If your vehicle has been stolen, you need to get the crime report from the Police. This helps prove that your vehicle has been the victim of a theft. Any theft or malicious damage claims which are not accompanied by a valid and substantiated crime reference number cannot be covered.
Does the cover include any Road Tax I lose?
No. The policy does not cover road tax.
What is the excess to pay with you?

There is no excess on the GAP policy. We cover up to £250 of the excess on your insurance policy.

Can I choose between RTI & RVI in the case of a claim?
You will receive the largest amount you are covered for – whether this is RTI or RVI. We do the calculations to determine whether RTI or RVI would be the highest return, and that is what you get.