Can I Get GAP Insurance?

Are you eligible for one of our policies?
What is GAP Insurance?

One of our most asked questions is ‘Can I buy GAP Insurance?’. We have outlined below all you need to know to see if you qaulify for one of our GAP Insurance policies.

Criteria FAQ’s

When can I buy GAP Insurance?

Gap insurance can be bought up to 30 days before you collect your new vehicle, up to 30 days after you purchase it if it is from a private seller, and up to 3 months after you purchase it if you bought straight from a dealership.

Can I buy GAP Insurance for a used vehicle?

GAP Insurance can be bought for new and used cars, as long as they are no more than 10 years old for cars and vans, and no more than 7 years old for motorcyles and vehicles used for private hire.

Can I buy GAP Insurance for a commercial vehicle?

We cover vehicles for commercial use. If you use your vehicle for being a courier or ……

We cannot cover policies for vehicles over 3.5t, emergency vehicles, taxis, driving school vehicles, buses or invalid carriers. Additionally we also cannot cover any vehicle which has been modified, or any vehicle not built for principle sale in the UK.

If you are using your vehicles for private hire use then you will need to purchase and Taxi GAP Insurance policy.

Can I buy GAP Insurance if my car is brand new?

You can buy GAP Insurance on a vehicle that is up to 10 years old. It is possible to buy our GAP policies for up to 6 months after buying the vehicle from a VAT registered dealership, or up to 1 month after buying from a private sale. Therefore, you can buy GAP for a new or used car.

Can I buy GAP insurance for my car?

We cover all cars and vans that are not already excluded for the uses above apart from the following:

  • Vehicles used for competition, racing, pace making, or off road use
  • Kit cars
  • Grey Imports
  • Left hand drive
  • Vans above 3.5t. 

We do also not cover the following makes of vehicles:

Aston Martin, Bentley, Bristol, Bugatti, Cosworth, De Tomaso, Dorchester, Ferrari, Ginetta, Hummer, Honda NXS, Lamborghini, Lancia Thema, Lotus, Maserati, Maybach, Mitsubishi 3000GT, Marcos, Noble, Rolls Royce

What are the key exclusions?

We cannot cover all vehicles in all circumstances. Our policies do not cover vehicles that have been modified from the manufacturer’s specification. We cannot cover write offs as a result of theft if the claim is not accompanied with a valid crime report. GAP also does not cover you if you have misrepresented anything on your policy.

Do I need certain insurance for it to work?

Our policies are only valid if you have full comprehensive insurance as your main motor policy.


Have we answered your questions?

If have more questions about our polcies and what we cover you for, reach out to our team who will be happy to help you.