Gap Insurance Explained

GAP insurance is a product many people are told to buy, but know little about. Our aim is not only to offer you cheap GAP insurance, but to help you understand how it can save you thousands in the event that your vehicle is written off by the insurers.

Our GAP insurance is comprised of up to three different levels of cover. All of our policies include Return to Invoice (RTI) insurance. We also offer the option of additional cover of Replacement Vehicle Insurance (RVI) with all of our car and van policies as well as the RTI insurance. This means that when you come to making a claim on your GAP insurance you are left with an option of which route to take. We will always go with the option that is most beneficial to you and your circumstances at that time. If you’re not sure what these levels of cover mean then we explain all below.

Our cheap GAP insurance gives you more for your money. If you have any questions about our cover then call 0161 495 6123 to speak to one of our experts.

GAP Insurance

(Guaranteed Asset Protection)

This is when you will receive the difference between the insurance pay-out to you and the cost of your finance settlement.

RTI Insurance

(Return To Invoice)

Return to Invoice is the difference between the pay-out received from the insurer and the price you originally paid for the car.

RVI Insurance

(Replacement Vehicle Insurance)

Vehicle Replacement Insurance covers the difference between the pay out to you from the insurer and the cost of a similar vehicle at the point you first purchased it.

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Still unsure about why you should purchase GAP Insurance? Here is an example of how it can save you money. The same can be applied to vans, taxis and motorcycles.

Car GAP Insurance Explained

Car GAP Insurance

GAP Insurance is important If you car is written off and you have paid for the car in full or on finance your car insurance company may pay you less than the amount outstanding on the finance or less than you paid for the vehicle. Our Gap Insurance will put you back at the purchase price of the vehicle and not leaving you to find a potentiality large amount of money.

Our GAP Insurance will pay the difference.

For Example:

If you have already paid: £15,000

Your motor insurer pays: £6,000

GAP Pays: the difference £9,000

Without Gap Insurance you may lose £9,000


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