Getting the right protection for your car can be difficult to navigate. Many of us struggle to understand the array of acronyms and terms that insurers use – let alone the different types of insurance themselves. This is not even to mention GAP Insurance. While some people may have heard of GAP, they might struggle to explain it – or to spot the myths from the realities.

Myth 1 – Only Dealers Sell GAP

When you buy a new car from a dealer, you will likely be offered GAP Insurance in the days after. This is because dealers do often supply GAP Insurance policies, and are not legally able to sell them on the day of purchase. However, dealers are only one of the places you can buy GAP. You can actually buy GAP policies from lots of places. At GAP Insurance Today, you will likely find that we sell GAP policies at much lower prices than a garage might offer.

Myth 2 – There is only one type of GAP

You might have heard that all GAP Insurance policies are much the same. However, this could not be further from the truth. In reality, there are many levels of cover that GAP Insurance offers. At GAP Insurance Today, we offer three levels of cover. These are: GAP Insurance, Return to Invoice and Replacement Vehicle Insurance. These cover different amounts – from covering the remaining finance after a write off, to covering the original price of the car, to covering the value of a replacement vehicle if necessary.

Myth 3 – GAP only covers stolen vehicles

GAP Insurance covers all types of insurance right offs. One of the more common GAP myths is that this insurance only pays out in the case of a stolen vehicle. However, in reality, GAP Insurance pays out after any insurance write off. This could be a stolen car, but it could just as much be a write off after an accident.

When you buy GAP Insurance from us, you don’t need to worry about any GAP Myths you might have heard. We explain exactly what your policy will cover, and if you have any questions we haven’t answered on the site, just get in touch and we’ll help you out. Get a quote on your GAP today, with GAP Insurance Today.